Hoor Al Eeyn

She is beautiful with big lustrous eyes. A virgin as if she is an emerald. She has loved no one and will love no one but you. She was created for you and only you. If her finger appears it would overshadow the moon. If her bracelet appears in a dark night, it would leave no darkness in the universe. If her wrist appears, it would take away the mind of every sane human being. If she appears between the heaven and earth, the distance between them would be filled by her scent, and if she spits in the oceans of the world the salt water would turn fresh. The more you look at her the more beautiful she becomes. The more time you spend with her, the more you love her.

Does it make any sense to learn about such a woman and not try to meet her?
What about when you learn that you will be married not to one, but seventy of the Hoor!

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