Life of Muhammad (SAAW):

Lessons and Morals

By Yasir Qadhi


In this series of extraordinary lectures, Sh. Yasir Qadhi narrates, in an engaging and informative style, the life and times of our beloved Prophet (pbuh). What makes this series stand out above the rest is not just the lucid style and narrative skills of the speaker, but also its academic standard. The speaker returns to the original sources of the Seerah, and discusses aa‚¬“ based upon the sciences of hadeeth and the verdicts of the hadeeth masters of the past and present aa‚¬“ the authenticity of many significant reports. Additionally, he does not restrict himself to merely recounting these heart-warming stories regarding the struggles of the Prophet (pbuh) and early Muslims; he also derives numerous benefits and morals from them. This series (Part One) covers the entire Makkan era.

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