[CENTER:328afd335b]Adam And The Shaytan [/CENTER:328afd335b]

The scholars of Islam say that they are over 100 lessons we can learn from the story of Adam and Satan. The Shaikh outlines over 75 prominent lessons we can extract from the lesson of Adam and Satan. Allah (swt) has warned us about Satan and his handy work in many ayahs of the Quran. Satan himself said:

Iblis (Satan) said: aa‚¬Ëœ"give me respite until the day they all shall be raised (from the dead). 'Allah said: 'you are of those granted respite.' iblis (Satan) said: ' because you have caused me to go astray. I will certainly lie in wait for them on your straight path. Then I shall come upon them from in front of them and from behind them, and from their right and from their left, and you will not find most of them thankful. aa‚¬ËœHe (Allah) said: aa‚¬Ëœget out from here disgraced and expelled. Whoever of them followed you; I will certainly fill the hell with you all. (7:14-18 )
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