[CENTER:2288252626]Ya Rab! sa'idny 'ala an aquoul kalimat al haqu fy wajh al 'aquwiya'
Oh God, help me to say words of truth in the face of the mighty

wa an laa aquoul al battel ly aksab tassfeeq al du'afaa'
And to refrain from speaking ill in order to gain the applause of the weak

wa an ara al nahyah 'l oukhrah min alsourah
And help me see the other aspects of things

Wa la tatrukny attahim khussumy bi'annahum khawanah li'annahum ikhtalafou ma'iee fi 'l ra'yee
And do not let me accuse my adversaries of treachery because their opinions oppose mine

Ya Rab, itha a'taytunee maalan fa laa ta'khuth sa'adatee
Oh! God, should you give me wealth, do not take away my happiness,

Wa ithaa a'taytanee quouwah fa laa ta'khuth 'aqulee
And should you give me might, do not take away my wisdom

Wa ithaa a'taytanee najaahan falaa ta'khuth tawadu'ee
And should you give me success do not take away my humility

Wa ithaa a'taytanee tawadu'an falaa ta'khuth i'tizaazee bikaraamatee
And should you give me modesty do not take away my sense of dignity

Ya Rab, 'allimnee an ahibb innass kama ouhibbou nafsee
Oh God, teach me to love others as I love myself

Wa 'allimnee an ouhasib nafsee kamah ouhasib annass
And teach me to judge myself as I judge others

Wa 'allimnee inn attasaamuh huwa akbar maraatib alquouwah
And teach me that forgiveness is one of the greatest steps towards strength

Wa hubbu'l'intiquaam houwa awwal mathahiri'lddu'f
And that the love of revenge is the first sign of weakness

Ya Rab, laa tada'nee ousaab bilghourour ithaa najaht
Oh God, do not curse me with arrogance should I be successful

Wa laa bilya's ithaa fashalt
And neither with dispair and hopelessness should I fail

Bal thakkirnee daa'iman an alfashal huwa 'ttajaarub allatee tasbuq annajaah
Rather remind me always that failure is the trial that precedes success

Ya Rab, ithaa jarradtanee min almaal fatruk lee al'amal
Oh God, should you dispossess me of my wealth do let me keep my hopefulness

Wa ithaa jarradtanee min alnajaah fatruk lee quouwwat il'inaad
And should you dispossess me of success do let me keep the power of determination

Hattaa ataghallab 'ala alfashal
So that I can triumph failure

Wa ith jarradtanee min ni'mati'ssahhat fattruk lee ni'mat al'eemaan
And should you dispossess me from the blessing of good health do let me keep the blessing of faith

Ya Rab, ithaa asa't ilee'nnaas fa'tinee shajaa'at al'i'tithaar
Oh God, should I have harmed others give me the courage to apologize

Wa ithaa asa' lee 'nnaas fa'tinee shajaa'ati'l'afouu
And should others harm me do bless me with the courage to forgive

Wa ithaa nasaytak ya Rab arjouk an laa tansaanee min 'afwik wa hilmak
And should I forget you Oh God I beg that you should not exclude me from your compassion and clemency

Fanta al'atheem alquahaar alquaadir 'ala kul shay'
For you are the Greatest, the Vanquisher, the All Powerful on all things[/CENTER:2288252626]