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    [CENTER:218cdf0bab]Guidance from Allah, shone upon the Earth
    As a beacon of light, for all the universe

    Adam, Noah and Ibrahim
    Mousa (Moses), Isaa (Jesus) and Muhammad
    Noble prophets sent as mercy
    Guidance from Allah Almighty

    Followers of the prophets, share the bonds of brotherhood
    Leading lives of humility, models for humanity

    Through their faith they spread the light
    Throughout their lives they taught what's right
    Respect for all of Gods creations
    Peace for all the many nations

    We turn to Allah, every night every day
    Allahu Allah, to you we pray

    Grant us knowledge, hope and wisdom
    Grant our voices strength in freedom
    Fill our lives with love and mercy
    Guidance from Allah Almighty[/CENTER:218cdf0bab]

    ·٠•●¤ In every situation Our lord, You are the hope ¤●•٠·
    في كل حال ربنا أنت الأمل

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    Re: Guidance

    mashAllah, heel mooi geschreven

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