Al-Qasim Ibn Muhammad said:

“We used to travel with Ibn al-Mubarak a lot, and I used to ask myself:
Why is this man (Ibn al-Mubarak) better than us and famous among people?
If he prays, we pray too; if he fasts, we fast too; if he performs Hajj, we perform Hajj too; and if he takes part in Jihad, we take part in Jihad too. But one day, we were on our way to ash-Shaam (Syria) and, one night, we stayed in a house. We were having our dinner when suddenly the lamp went out. One of us went outside to look for oil to light the lamp.

When he came back with the lamp, I saw the face and beard of Ibn al-Mubarak covered with tears, so I told myself:
Because of his fear of Allah, he is better than us; he started thinking about the Day of Judgment as soon as the light went out and the place became dark.

Heart touching...