The Difference between Jumu’ah and Thur (Zuhr)

By Ash-Shaykh Muhammad ibn Salih Al-Uthaymeen (may Allah have mercy on him)

Taken from His Majmu’ Vol 15 page 376-378
Translated by Abu Aaliyah Abdullah ibn Dwight Battle–Adam

  • Jumu’ah doesn’t go into effect until there is a congregation. The ulema differ over the exact number for the congregation. Thur is correct whether there is one person or a congregation.

  • Jumu’ah can only take place in a village or town. Thur can be prayed anywhere.

  • The Jumu’ah prayer isn’t on a duty on the traveler. If a group of travelers passed a masjid in a city where Jumu’ah was prayed they wouldn’t have to pray it. Thur prayer is prayed when a person travels or not.

  • Jumu’ah prayer is only prayed in one masjid, unless there is a need to pray it in another. Thur prayer is prayed in every masjid.

  • If a Jumu’ah prayer is missed it doesn’t have to be made up. Only the Thur prayer is done, because the condition for Jumu’ah is its time. Thur prayer can be made up if a person missed it with a valid excuse.

  • Jumu’ah prayer isn’t a duty for the women. It’s a special obligation for the men. Men and women both must pray Thur.

  • A slave doesn’t have to pray Jumu’ah. The slave and freeman must pray Thur.

  • There are some legislated acts before Jumu’ah. Ie. Ghusl, perfuming, wearing the best dress. Those legislated acts don’t apply to Thur.

  • If a person misses one rak’ah in Jumu’ah prayer , he makes Thur. If a person misses one rak’ah for Thur he completes Thur as four, unless he’s a traveler.

  • It’s possible to pray Jumu’ah before the sun reaches its zenith. It’s not possible to pray Thur before the sun reaches its zenith

  • It’s legislated to pray Jumu’ah aloud and Thur silently.

  • It’s legislated to read certain chapters from the Quran for Jumu’ah different from Thur.

  • Hadeeth have been narrated that mention a punishment for neglecting Jumu’ah and a reward for attending. There aren’t any similar reports for Thur.

  • There aren’t any sunnah prayers before Jumu’ah. The Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) ordered the person who attends Jumu’ah to pray four rak’at afterwards. There is a sunnah prayer before Thur and the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) didn’t order any prayer after it. However there is a sunnah prayer after Thur.

  • There are two sermons before Jumu’ah prayer. There isn’t any Khutbah before Thur.

  • Buying and selling are incorrect after the second Athan for Jumu’ah: For the person that must attend. The person who must pray Thur can engage in buying and selling after the Athan.

  • If Jumu’ah prayer is missed in a masjid, it isn’t made up in there or elsewhere. If Thur is missed in a masjid, it can be done there or elsewhere.

  • Permission must be given from the Imam in order for Jumu’ah to be correct. This is the view from some of the people of knowledge. This isn’t the condition for Thur .

  • The Angels wait at the door of the masjid on Jumu’ah and write the names of the people who attend one by one. This isn’t mentioned for Thur.

  • Jumu’ah prayer can’t be combined with Asr. Thur can be combined with Asr, if a person has a legitimate reason for doing so.

  • Jumu’ah prayer can’t be delayed due to extreme heat; unlike Thur. It can be delayed due to extreme heat.