أيها المقيم على الخطايا والعصيان، التارك لما أمرك الرحمن، المطيع للغويّ الفتان، إلى متى أنت على جرمك مصرّ، ومما يقرّبك إلى مولاك تفرّ؟ تطلب من الدنيا ما لا تدركه، وتتقي من الآخرة ما لا تملكه، لا أنت بما قسم الله من الرزق واثق، ولا أنت بما أمرك به لاحق.
يا أخي، الموعظة، والله لا تنفعك، والحوادث لا تردعك. لا الدهر يدعك، ولا داعي الموت يسمعك، كأنك يا مسكين لم تزل حيا موجودا، كأنك لا تعود نسيا مفقودا.

O you who persists on mistakes and wrong doings; O you who has turned away from what the most Loving and Compassionate commands; O you who obeys the falsifier of the path and the creator of calamities … How long are you going to insist on your misbehavior? How long are you going to keep yourself distant from your Lord? How long will you seek from this world what you cannot have, and keep away from the other world by that which you cannot possess? Neither are you sure of what Allah prepared of sustenance for you, nor are you satisfied with that which He has commanded for you.

O my brother, by Allah, admonition does not seem to benefit you. Afflictions do not seem to threaten you. Time does not leave you and the call of death does not reach your ears. As if, you poor man, would live forever and you weren’t meant to expire and be forgotten?

— Ibn al-Jawzi (rahimahullah), Bahr ad-Dumoo’