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Onderwerp: Volkswagen to Cadillac

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    Volkswagen to Cadillac

    I was born in Ohio, raised in Virginia and Washington, D.C. I very much enjoyed going to our weekly Sunday School and learning about God. During my youth, the preacher at my Baptist church taught us about hell, heaven, and multiple subjects of justice, fairness and how to treat our neighbors. When I was about 10 or 12 years old, he died, and so did his teachings. I did not maintain my interest in religion until I embraced Islam.

    I received my first Holy Quraa‚¬a„¢an in the Spring of 1995. The title aa‚¬Å“Quraa‚¬a„¢anaa‚¬? had a familiar sound, but reading the book was new. I was so intrigued by it, that I began to read less of the Bible. For a while, I was confused about what the Quraa‚¬a„¢an was, and I wanted to go back to reading my Bible. But, the Bible just did not satisfy me the way the Quraa‚¬a„¢an did. So, I tried to just read them both. I was always fascinated with the Quraa‚¬a„¢an aa‚¬” it was so true. I recall telling a friend, aa‚¬Å“Girl, you gotta get this bookaa‚¬?.

    Later that summer, after reading the Holy Quraa‚¬a„¢an, I saw the person who had given it to me and finally had a chance to thank him. In response, he arranged for me to visit a mosque where I was offered the opportunity to accept Islam. I initially declined the offer. I was tired of being tied to groups, sub-groups, and affiliations that did not benefit me, so I passed. I did not care to be associated with the aa‚¬Å“men in white who stood around on streets selling incense,aa‚¬? which was my previous view of Muslims.

    But he didnaa‚¬a„¢t give up. When he was assured of my belief in the Quraa‚¬a„¢an, he informed me of various pieces of information including some values of accepting Islam as my religion. He told me I had to learn how to worship God properly, how to do prayers properly and some other things that made sense. So, in July of 1995, I embraced Islam, all praise to Allah the Most High. After embracing Islam, I felt free to read and read the Quraa‚¬a„¢an and I continue to read, and now, praise Allah, I read it in Arabic.

    Early on, I was particularly impressed by the information it provides on hypocrites. I had encountered people who did not hold true to their projections. This puzzled me, but also disappointed me. So clearly, I recall reading the surah on hypocrites toward the end of the Quraa‚¬a„¢an and thinking aa‚¬Å“Wow, this is precisely how they are.aa‚¬?

    After embracing Islam, I went home to my parents and told them all about the good news. My father was either a lover of Volkswagen cars or he just saw the value in them. Over the years he continued to buy Volkswagens at a low price, repairing them for each of his 13 children to drive in high school. I recall telling my father that becoming Muslim was like going from a Volkswagen to a brand new Cadillac (my motheraa‚¬a„¢s car at the time). You still travel the same road, but with so much more comfort and efficiency. This is the clarity that Islam brings.

    ·٠•●¤ In every situation Our lord, You are the hope ¤●•٠·
    في كل حال ربنا أنت الأمل

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    masha'allah... heel mooi van haar/hem

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    Echt heel mooi!

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